The Very First Giveaway!

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The Handmake Giveaway Pack

      The Handmake Giveaway Pack consist of :-
  • 1 Pink Polkadot Basic Case
  • 1 Yellow Home Keyholder
  • 1 Teddy Brooch
  • 1 Night Owl Keychain
  • 1 pair of Kitty Ears in Brown
  • 1 Bed of Roses Hairpiece in Pink
  • 2 rolls of deco tapes
join HERE

And to join, there will be only 3 conditions :
1. Leave a comment stating why you want the giveaway pack and which pack (Supplies/Handmake) would you like to take back at the end of the day.

2. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you when you win, or just make sure your email is stated somewhere in your blog if you linked your blog instead.

3. Be a follower to this blog (optional) and get an extra mysterious gift if you win. 

and if you're kind enough, help me spread the news on this giveaway to your friends out there!:D

The 2 lucky winners will be picked on April 1st,2010 (don't worry,this is not an April Fool joke) which is on the next Thursday at 5pm (Malaysia Time)

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